Your Memoir Must… ▪ Be four (4) pages in length ▪ MLA format: Be typed, double-spaced, with size 12 font, 1” margins all around ▪ Have a creative, catchy, original title ▪ Have an exciting beginning that draws the reader in. Start in an interesting place and hook your reader in the first sentence. You can use action, a vivid description, or dialogue, for instance. ▪ Be written in first person (“I”) ▪ Explain the memory in detail and be told in logical order ▪ Use vivid, detailed description full of imagery ▪ Include some dialogue ▪ Include a short reflection paragraph that reflects on the memory and explains to the reader why this is significant. By the end of the story, the message, or “SO WHAT?” should be clear: the reader should know why you wrote this and what he/she is supposed to learn from it.


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