1. Although there are numerous characteristics of professionalism, prepare a short paper and discuss why knowing theories of Focus Skills of Motivational Interviewing (MI) suchs as listening, evoking, engaging, and planning are so important, even essential to a professional’s success. This knowledge doesn’t mean directives are not necessary, but that authentic, client-sentered dialogue can also be productive when improving communications.
2. Since crew justice professionals are part of their communities, explain how client centered conversations may be important in building trust with constituents. This may be especially evident when interacting on a one to one or small group basis and not in the midst of an emergency.
3. How may knowledge and understanding of versatile communication skills prove valuable if there are choices between prepared non-directive interviewing and directive communicate?
4. Is it important to recognize that if time is limited, criminal justice professionals may have to opt for more directive dialogue in one-on-one interviews to develope treatment or work schedule that satifies sentencing requirements or to get the hiring assignment completed?
Please answer all four questions in a two page essay. Times New Roman, APA, doublespaced, and 1 source. NO PLAGIARISM

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