1. How does the character of Erwin help steer the story in a positive direction, providing a reality check for the character of Nadine?
2. In the scene below, Nadine goes over to Erwin’s house and their relationship continues to develop. Listen to and describe how the 4 pieces of popular music that play at each of the following moments either complement or interrupt the mood, or both:
0:18 Cut Copy: “Lights & Music”
2:00 Miles Betterman: “The Dickhead Song”
2:22 The 1975: “Somebody Else”
2:46 Generationals: “When They Fight, They Fight”
3. In the scene below, Nadine and her brother Darian have both struggled to cope with the loss of their father; while Darian has tried to be helpful, Nadine has not made things any easier. As she apologies, listen to the score begin to crescendo after 1:00, and describe what you hear musically at each of the following moments: 1:46, 2:06 and 2:17.
4. What words would you use to describe how the film score supports this important moment in the story?
5. Read the article and view the video below about one of the songs used in the film, titled Somebody Else (song starts at 3:00). Towards the end of the article, what does the author of the article think is actually occurring in the first 3 minutes of the video?
6. What does the author of the article suggest that the fight sequence represents?
7. What does the author of the article suggest that the visit to the strip club represents?
8. At around 7:28 in the video below, lead singer Matthew Healy begins to see himself in the place of 3 different women we have seen in the video. At 8:08, what do we learn about his perception of these women and the events of the night?
9. Overall, in three sentences or more how would you describe this song and video; and how do the troubles he deals with resemble similar challenges that Nadine deals with in The Edge of Seventeen, in that both of them are fighting battles within themselves that no one else can see?
– see attached
10. In three sentences or more how do the first 3 minutes of the Somebody Else 2016 video compare to the original 2002 David Lynch film, Rabbits, in that they both show the loneliness or emptiness of entering a home?

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