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For this discussion, you can do a google search or search some of the major articles/ balance sheets. Do not use Wikipedia.
1) Locate a healthcare-related balance sheet.
– The source of the balance sheet can be internal (within a health care facility, health care organization, health care institution of some type) or external healthcare-related article that includes a balance sheet (from a published article or from a health care company’s annual report, for example). The balance sheet of choice can also be on a quarterly basis and or annual basis.
-Post a copy of the balance sheet as a Link (URL), JPEG, screenshot, PDF, or copy and paste the balance sheet within the discussion board forum with your response.
2) Write your impression and or comment about the assets, liabilities, net worth, revenues, etc. found on your balance sheet. Would you prefer more details? Yes or No? Explain your reasoning.
3) Do you think the balance sheet you have posted/reported gives you useful information? Why or Why not? How do you think it could be improved? Explain your reasoning.
4) What do you believe the proportion of revenues from different sources is for any healthcare organization? Do you believe this proportion (payer mix) will change in the future? Why? Explain your reasoning.
5) Your experiences may be very helpful and interesting to all of us. However, be sure that you also back up your posts with factual information from the text (when it applies to the initial discussion board question (s) and responses to peers) or other creditable sources. A minimum of one reference is required to support your response to the discussion question and reply to a classmate. You may cite the course required textbook and or other sources. Make sure your references are in APA format.
We will be answering the discussion post with this balance sheet
Balance sheet example video

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