1. Write a formal letter to employees to announce a merger. (Informative and positive messaging)
After reading Chapter 9, complete the following assignment.
As manager of a medium-sized business, you have been asked to send a formal letter to all employees announcing a merger. There have been a lot of rumors of layoffs, salary reductions and people losing their personal office space. The merger will require some retraining, but no job cuts are scheduled, nor will there be a change in compensation. The company will be moving to a new space that will be shared with the new team. At this time, the space is being prepared, specific office spaces have not been assigned. The formal letter should be informative and positive.
150 words for each question
2. Write an email to your supervisor reporting a workplace problem. (Negative messaging)
For this assignment, you will identify a problem in your current workplace or imagine a problem that affects the employees, clients or customers, or the business overall. This is not a personal problem (like need more time off or someone keeps taking your yogurt from the fridge). This can be related to the organization, its rules, or its structure. Compose the email based on the best practices listed. Attention should be paid to the following:
Subject Line

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