10-page concept paper that describes a proposed solution, its impact on specific Veteran communities, an evidence framework, an implementation plan, team expertise, and any additional resources needed to develop and scale the solution.
About the business:
Integrated Wellness Care Management Solutions is Washington State’s first Minority Women-Owned and operated independent Case Management Organization. Founded and led by nurses, we approach Case Management from a holistic perspective, knowing that successful health outcomes are possible. We are an organization built on values of Integrity, Accountability and Quality as we are on a mission to provide our clients with an exceptional healthcare experience, increase healthcare outcomes and increase the longevity of citizens in the community.
Led by a 17-year registered nurse turned advocate for healthcare equity, the minority woman-owned organization has a mission to coordinate improved health- and community-based services for veterans. The nurse-founded care coordinator organization is also the first in the Fort Bragg area to focus on accessible, holistic care management for veterans and their families.
With treatment plans tailored to each patient, care management has emerged as an effective, practice-based strategy to address the unique needs of the veteran population. Veteran case management services aim to build a bridge between clinical services and community resources by assisting patients with:
Home health services
Education and employment
Legal services
Transportation and housing
Peer support
Suicide prevention programs
We focus on care management programs that incorporate science, information technology and encouragement, while our overarching goal is to raise the quality of care veterans receive to help them improve and maintain better health.
The benefits of appropriate care management typically include higher patient satisfaction, more primary care and preventative visits, improved clinical outcomes and reduced use of high-cost acute care services. These solutions are particularly important for patients with complex health conditions, PTSD or suicidal ideation. Veterans are at 50% higher risk of suicide than their peers who have not served.
Every day, our nation’s heroes struggle with the mental and physical scars uniquely earned through military service, our organization is dedicated to supporting this selfless group by advocating for their needs and rights. Your healthcare should never fall through the cracks.
According to the United States Census Bureau, 26,823 veterans currently live in Fayetteville, comprising nearly 13% of the city’s population.
Integrated Wellness Care Management Solutions is created to deliver exceptional, unique, and excellent service. We offer Independent case management, care coordination and patient advocacy. We are dedicated to consistently provide high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent services and valuable relationships. All our services will meet clients’ requirements and needs. Up-to-the-minute and workable services have been laid down as elementary as possible for the company’s success and growth. We will also empower, inform, and inspire people through unprecedented disruptive marketing strategies.
Our vision statement is to eliminate gaps in care and positively impact healthcare disparities while improving the lives of millions of individuals and families while humanizing healthcare outcomes. We are envisioned to make Integrated Wellness Care Management Solutions an outstanding establishment. We also aim to capture a significant percentage of the city in just a few years of business operation.
Introduce your business and the work you do
Showcase your unique approach to solving client problems: holistic patient-centered approach
Add details of your company goals, vision, and mission statement
Integrated Wellness CMS is a leading provider of case management to businesses in the independent healthcare sector. With a team of experts boasting extensive experience in the field, we are well placed to help our clients grow and thrive – even in challenging times. By really getting to know our customers, our talented team is able to offer unique and customized solutions backed by data-driven analysis and broad research to prevent and remediate suicide amongst veterans.
Problem-solving: veteran suicide
– Since 2009, COC’s veteran population has grown quickly and now totals over 800. Suicide among veterans accounts for as many as one in every five suicides in the U.S.14 According to a June 2008 RAND Corporation study, nearly 20 percent of recently returned service members report symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder or major depression, yet only about half of those had sought treatment. 15 COC maintains a Veterans Center with only two counselors training to serve this growing population. With VA health services in turmoil,16, faculty and staff across campus must receive training to recognize and understand issues that affect student veterans.
Solution: community-based holistic case management
Providing case management services within the veteran’s community
Step 1: Call
Step 2: Connect
You will then be connected with a Therapist or Case Manager, this is typically done within 24 hours of your initial call.
Step 3: Consult
Talk with your Therapist or Nurse Case Manager about your needs and expectations.
Our services can be provided using your phone, tablet or computer from anywhere in North Carolina.
connecting veterans to community-based organizations and programs for sustainable purpose and acclimation to the community.

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