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The main social insurance programs like Social Security, Medicare, and unemployment compensation are funded by a payroll tax on the earnings of individuals who may receive benefits. Do you think the social insurance programs are effective? How are social insurance programs affected by the socioeconomic and political forces? Explain your answers.
Must use my ebook chapter 17 & one outside scholarly source with in text APA citation
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Food regulations in the U.S. are controlled by the government more specifically the Food Drug Administration (FDA). I believe that the government goes too far on food standards which should be lessened as they are acceptable, and needs to add more regulations to other food standards that are haphazard. For example this year there was another food outbreak concerning spinach. By the time the FDA established there was a concern and implement a recall and changes, 3 people were already in kidney failure from the outbreak. The FDA oversees 80% of food regulation in the U.S. so a mishap for them results in a mishap for the whole country (Evich,2022). While rules for local and family-owned farms can be overbearing and hefty unless your a big corporation cant handle them. Lobbyists are involved in shaping food regulations because they can push for easier laws and regulations for companies that are backing them. Big chain produce and livestock companies have lobbyists that will fight for lessened food regulations. Some of the things changes in regulation are improper growing and storing production standards, which are things that have to be strictly maintained to prevent infection and parasites in produce. They are able to push for more use of land and water resources. These fracking policies and overlay methods are resulting in mishaps and need to have a more set standard and strict regulation (Greenberg, 2018)
Evich, H. (2022, April 13). How the FDA’s food division fails to regulate health and safety hazards. Politics, Policy, Political News- POLITICO. https://www.politico.com/interactives/2022/fda-fails-regulate-food-health-safety-hazards/ (Links to an external site.)
Greenberg, E. S. & Page, B. I., (2018). The Struggle for Democracy, 2018 Elections, and Updates Edition. [12th ed.]. Pearson.

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