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Artis Johnson

Dr. Carolyn Paul

Southern New Hampshire University

March 27, 2022Nudism: Annotated Bibliography

Source #1 Clinard, M. B., & Meier, R. F. (2016). Sociology of deviant behavior. Cengage Learning.

With this being the baseline source for this class, this will constantly be utilized to define the meaning of deviant behavior. In addition, this will provide information related to deviant behavior and other norms created by a society that nudism goes against. I will use this text to show how society may view nudism and those that practice nudism is treated. This source will also explain why a person may or may not practice nudism.

Source #2 de Vries, B. (2018, September 18). The right to be publicly naked: A defence of nudism – res publica. SpringerLink. Retrieved March 23, 2022, from

In this article, the authors propose that restrictions are unjust if nudity does not pose a health threat to society. This article will be used to define how nudity promotes individual well-being and how it has expressive values. Next, I will use this article to show how nudity may be defined as the opposite of deviant behavior. Finally, this text will show society may view nudity as a societal norm. This article aims to show how nudism's restrictions are unjust.

Source #3 Is nudism a deviant behavior or a healthy choice? Is Nudism a Deviant Behavior or a Healthy Choice? | 123 Help Me. (n.d.). Retrieved March 27, 2022, from

After reading this article, I learned that the authors emphasize that clothing provides a sense of artificial identity. Forcing a human being to wear clothing may impose their basic human rights. What if a human decides to attend an event in the nude? The author asks, "Am I committing a deviant behavior, or is social nudity a natural state with the need for a textile industry"? (Martin, 1991). This source will provide a strong argument against nudism being labeled as social deviance.

Source #4 Black, P. (2014, January). (PDF) nudism – Retrieved March 27, 2022, from

More humans practice nudism or naturalism than we may know. This author points out how nudism and naturalism are used interchangeably but explains why they differ. Naturalism is more spiritual and participates in activities for the purported health benefits. Actual nudity is nonsexual in nature. Nudity has been practiced ever since the Greek Olympic athletes competed naked. The years leading up to World War II saw the establishment of many nudist and naturalist societies and organized protests supporting the nudist movement (Black, 2014). This article will explain why nudity is not labeled as deviant behavior.

Source #5 Public nudity. Sociology of the Family & Deviant Behavior. (2019, June 19). Retrieved March 27, 2022, from

People who have usually committed nudity or indecent exposure in the United States usually are sex offenders and pedophiles. Many times, these people lack the proper social skills, are obsessed, and have the potential to be violent. Other reasons could be emotional disturbance and lust. All of these are reasons why nudism is considered deviant behavior. These people pose a threat to society. Many countries around the world allow public nudity, including France and Spain. It is a crime to show your genitals in most states, which could make one offended. However, no matter how small, flashing your undergarments is usually not considered a crime. Breastfeeding in public has also been an ongoing debate around the world. Most states have legalized breastfeeding in public or private. However, just because it is a law does not mean it is respected by many. This article also provides penalties for indecent exposure.

Source #6 Deviant: Nudity in public area. Sociology and Me. (2017, February 4). Retrieved March 27, 2022, from

This article points out how deviant behavior can pose a risk to society. The author states that nudity is a problematic concept for society to grasp. They emphasize that if deviance is not the norm, anything that does not fit in our society would be deviant. They used nudity as an example. Society was raised to think in a way that is appropriate for their culture. In Europe, nudism is viewed utterly differently from how we view it in the United States. Americans tend to make nudity awkward or lack thereof. Naked people in public prove that this behavior is considered deviant. Deviant behavior is determined based on society's culture, location, religion, and other values.

Overall abstract obtained after considering each source

How is nudity considered deviant behavior? Does offense consider behavior as deviant? What is society was raised in the exact same way? Would people still form their own opinions on deviance, or would they still consider societal norms? Is breastfeeding considered deviant? What would happen if law and crime did not exist? How does health risk as it relates to nudity pose a threat to society? If society were made aware of how many people practice nudism, would this make it more acceptable?

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