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Part 1 – Being the Candidate

Find a position with a company that you are interested in applying for (the Internet, Newspaper, etc.) For this, please use Human Resources as the job.

Draft a cover letter to send with your resume for this position

Part 2 – Being the Company

Analyze the cover letter and resume against the job ad: does the resume match to the job ad or job description (where are there strengths and weaknesses), does the resume provide enough information about the candidates background relevant to the position – is the candidate a good fit; does the cover letter articulate strengths – about the background that make the candidate a good fit, is the candidate an entry level, mid-level or seasoned candidate for this position – explain your assessment; are there any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors? Is the presentation of the material professional and polished? Does the previous work history fit into that which would potentially fit into the company? Would you consider this candidate for a telephone interview? Why? Remember – in the recruitment and selection process – time is of the essence – you have to go through a lot of candidate data to select a few to interview and present for potential hire.

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