7-1 Multilayered Collage
Submit Final Project Part I, a multilayered collage of your fictitious business name.
The collage should be 11″ h x 17″w, horizontal layout and 300 ppi CMYK color, and saved as a Photoshop (PSD) file. Make sure you have incorporated any peer and/or instructor feedback from milestones and the peer review in Module six.
7-2  Journal reflection on feedback
In Module Eight, you will submit Final Project Part II, your reflective paper.
To help you think about that final step, reflect on the feedback you received in Module Six from your peers and the feedback from your instructor from Milestone Three. In your journal assignment, discuss the following:
Explain how you improved your collage to meet the needs of your target audience.
Explain how you applied the elements and principles of design to convey your intended message.
What Photoshop tools and techniques helped you complete your final design?
Your instructor will be providing you feedback on these responses, which you will need to incorporate in your final reflective paper in the next module, so these responses should be thorough drafts of what you plan to discuss in that final reflective paper.

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