Assignment 1: Systematic Assessment

What does it mean to be systematic? What does this look like in a learning environment? How does systematic assessment tie into setting instructional goals? Why should teachers engage in systematic assessment? How do they set instructional goals?

Often educators are aware of the need for systematic assessment and consistently setting instructional goals for their learning environment but have no idea of where to begin. How does one start? As a part of your teacher-leader role, you will develop a training PowerPoint presentation for your area teachers, focusing on why this is important, how to begin, and suggesting assessments for your identified age level and purpose. Be sure to encourage your colleagues and present research to back up your material.

To prepare:

· Review and reflect on the four listed articles and recommended resources from the Learning Resources of this module

· Conduct independent research on Systematic Assessment.

Consider the following scenario:

As a teacher leader, you are called upon to present to your colleagues a training session on Systematic Assessment: Setting Instructional Goals.

Select a specific age group, research, and find two articles on Systematic Assessment.

Write a paper in which you do the following:

· Define Systematic Assessment based on your research, and cite as appropriate.

· Clearly identify the age group you will be working with. Focus on developmental milestones for this age group and focus the presentation on one of the following content areas: language/literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, art, health and PE, and technology (for younger children, social/emotional, physical, etc., should be considered).

· Identify assessments (formative, summative, informal, and formal) that could be used for systemic assessment in the area selected. Explain their purpose and how they can be used to guide instruction and set instructional goals. Discuss cultural responsiveness in light of choosing appropriate assessments.

· Develop a 12- to 15-minute PowerPoint presentation on Systematic Assessment: Setting Instructional Goals. The presentation should be 12–15 slides minimum, not including title slide and reference slide(s). The presentation should include voiceover and auto advance.

· Cite your research and provide appropriate references in APA format to substantiate your thinking. A final reference slide and citations as needed within text are required. Remember, your colleagues are your audience for this informative PowerPoint presentation.

By Day 7 of Week 7

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Madaus, J., Rinaldi, C., Bigaj, S., & Chafouleas, S. M. (2009). An examination of current assessment practices in northeastern school districts. Assessment for Effective Interventions, 34(2), 86–93. .

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