A Comparative Analysis of Various Cyber Security Strategies
Every country has their own cyber security strategy that
aims towards securing cyberspace at a national Level. Write an essay with the
below requirements:
1. Discuss and compare different national-level
cyber security strategies and legislations p resent in the UK and its social and
ethical impact based on the below categories.
Cyber Security Strategy Development.
Characterization of Cyber Security Threats.
Cyber Security Legislation
Discuss existing benefits, drawbacks, gaps, and
limitations, and present your suggestions and justification to improve with the
help of academic and scholarly resources.
The essay should present a well written
background study with literature review justified with research form libraries,
NCSC online resources, and sources.
2500 words with Harvard References style and citations.
More than 8 to 10 References.
Some References guides to use include:
Principles of Cybersecurity’ (2021) in Building an Effective
Security Program for Distributed Energy Resources and Systems.
chapter 15 Law, Policy, Cybersecurity, and Data Privacy

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