A literature review refers to a collection of materials on
a specific topic. The review evaluates and reports on the main ideas of a particular subject area by using
synthesis. Synthesizing information is not summarizing each article, but rather
organizing the information by the main points of the larger topic.
Submission requirements:
APA format; double-spaced;
12-point font
Topic: It is suggested that you select a topic from your
discipline. If possible, the topic should address a current issue in your
Introduction (to Literature Review), Research Question(s),
Presentation of literature, Conclusion (to Literature
Review) – discuss strengths and weakness and implications for your question.
4-5 pages (excluding title page and reference list)
Minimum of 1,000 words (excluding title page, reference
page and appendix
Paper includes 12-15
articles. At least six articles must be journal articles.
A complete reference
list using APA style.
Write the literature
review in your own words!

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