A reflective paper is an attempt to convey one’s thoughts about understanding and reflection on any part of the course material. As the word suggests, reflection is an attempt to convey what all the student could gather from what the teacher has taught. Although it is an informal writing assignment, a reflection paper still has to include certain things to serve its purpose. A few steps have to be followed for writing an effective reflection paper that will ensure that the paper was written of good quality.
Reflection is generally informal. There are no hard and fast rules that you have to follow, but the essence of a reflection paper needs to be fulfilled, which can be done by the following steps-
Identify and jot down the main themes for making your reflection paper outline. The themes should relate broadly to your topic. No need to get into details at this point. This is the first step, so your thoughts and opinions need not be that refined.
Now start being more peculiar. Start by jotting down all the things that have stood out in your view from the course material. Also, note down why these things have stood out. You can take this from lecture notes or the teacher’s audio lectures given to you. For writing a reflection paper, you can also take these notes from your experiences. These experiences may be in the form of images, sounds, or any other experience.
Explain what you experienced, what you read, and most importantly, what you understood from the paper.
You can also make a list of your thoughts to avoid losing track of your thoughts.
Instructions: Write a 2 – 3 page Reflection Paper after reading Examining the Psychosocial Implications of Mental Health and Cancer Care (read pages 8 – 11). Writing a reflection will not require you to have any additional research or articles, but you would need to go through the content in the attached article – on which you have to write the reflection. The ideas you get on the subject matter being discussed would be the reflection. The reflection should come as a critical reflection of what you have read and understood and not just a descriptive analysis of the topic. You can opt to look out for an academic reflection paper example for better understanding.
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