A written research paper 5-7 pages in length – MLA formatted using a societal (3rd person) perspective.
The student is expected to design, research, report on, and exhibit his/her interpretation of the research topic using 5-7 sources (3-4 Online; 3-4 Print; print can be hard copy or a book that was printed but is available electronically). – BECAUSE OF OUR PANDEMIC, this will be waived. You need a variety of sources though.
Projects must present a clear, arguable thesis reflecting the student’s rationale of the topic.
A bibliography of ALL sources viewed AND a works cited of all sources uses – MLA formatted. These pages are NOT part of the 5-7 page requirement.
A presentation of the research finding spanning 2-4 minutes.
Presentations are attended by iGranada seniors and advisors
Individual design of the presentation will vary, but each student must demonstrate full knowledge of the topic, as well as proficiency explaining it.
The scope and format is determined by the teachers in consultation with the students to reflect instructional goals for the 12th grade English.

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