In week 1 we learned about Grit and Flourishing and set goals for ourselves. This week we are reflecting on the PERMA model and specifically Achievement. For this assignment we are analyzing our successes to formulate a plan for future success. Use the achievement template to complete all aspects of the assignment. 

Think of one of your proudest achievements in life. Write it down and answer the following questions with a few sentences per question:

What is it/was it?
Why was /is it important for you?
How difficult was it?
What did you do to accomplish it?
What strengths did you use?
Who supported you in the pursuit of this goal?
What impact has it had on your wellbeing?
Analyze what worked, now how will you apply it? Distill your steps to success, what are the three takeaways you will use in future situations?

Create a formula that works for you to apply to other challenges/goals. You can use Caroline Adams Millers guiding questions to help you with your formula:

How does this goal connect with my values
Who can support me in achieving this goal
What obstacles am I likely to face
How can I deal with them
Finally, how would you phrase your approach in research terms?  If I do this (independent variable) then this (dependent variable) will happen. The independent variable is whats tested or changed. The dependent variable is whats observed or measured. Throughout this course you have been collecting data about different strategies and now youre going to apply that strategy to develop a hypothesis about becoming your ideal self.

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