After reading Section 1.1 and the part of Section 1.3 about “Sources of Research Ideas” in your course text (UPLOADED IN FILES), select a topic you would be interested in researching. Choose your topic carefully and make sure it is something that will hold your interest, because you will be using it for assignments throughout the course.
In your initial post, provide some background information that shows why this is an important topic to be explored further. Apply the scientific method by identifying one or more appropriate research areas of psychology that your topic might align to that are described in Section 1.1 (for example, a study about treatment for bipolar disorder would align with clinical psychology, or a study of relationships in which one party is bipolar could come under social psychology). Does it fit into more than one? If so, which do you feel is the closest fit, and why?
Within each field (area) of psychology (like clinical or social or counseling…) there are many questions or ideas that can relate or lead to a specific topic of study. In this initial discussion you will be choosing such a topic of interest to you. You may already have an area of interest – or – you may want to start with a specific area (such as social psychology) and do some research about that area and the topics covered.
For example: if you choose the broad area of social psychology, you might find of interest topics such as group polarization, or cognitive bias in news making, transformational leadership, or does social media create intimacy or isolation.
Be sure to express why this topic is of importance and clearly identify the sub-area(s) of psychology to which this topic is most meaningful. Be sure to cite all sources utilized.
The real work will be creating, narrowing and defining your chosen topic. Give it considerable thought and do some research for background material. It is critical you understand the need to narrow the topic to a specific – think research question specific. In other words, choose a broad area of interest – and then narrow that to one narrow topic.

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