After you have gathered information about your selected STEM job,
complete a written response that includes the following:
A description of the job, including the knowledge, skills, and
competencies required to be successful in the job, in which
you do the following:
* Make connections to the insights you have gained
throughout this course, referencing the attributes that
define a 21st
-Century scientifically literate citizen, linking
your job description to the STEM disciplines,
highlighting the cross-disciplinary skills needed, and/or
indicating the potential for social advocacy related to
sustainability and environmental stewardship.
*An explanation of the education and training requirements for
the job
* A description of the working conditions and what a typical day
at work might look like
* An illustration that represents a person working in this career,
in the form of a computer-generated avatar or any other
image, keeping in mind the underrepresented groups in STEM
fields and ensuring that your visual will appeal to a diverse
population of potential workers
*Trade Schools. (2020). Best careers for the future: Jobs for
2025 and way beyond! Retrieved from
* Feller, R. (2010). STEM Career. Retrieved

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