All papers are to be typewritten in 12 point typeface only (this paragraph is written in 12 point typeface), in black ink, double-spaced (this paragraph is double spaced), with 1 1/4 inch margins top, bottom, and left side. The left margin is justified and the right margin is ragged. Each page is to be numbered, including the title page in the upper, right-hand corner only. The title page is also to be written in 12 point typeface only, double spaced in upper and lower case. Acceptable typefaces are Ariel, Courier, or Times-Roman only. Do not write in bold (excluding headings), italicize (unless grammatically appropriate) or skip horizontal spaces between paragraphs. The beginning of a paragraph is indicated by a five-space indentation. Do not include any drawings or pictures unless these are being used to illustrate a specific point in your paper. Do not place your papers in any type of cover or folder. All papers are to have a title page and to be stapled in the upper left-hand corner. You may use headings in your paper. Make them centered, bold, with the first letter of each word capitalized.
Please proofread your papers before handing them in. A sentence that makes no sense to you, will make even less sense to the reader of that sentence. Any paper with spelling errors, gross grammatical mistakes or illogical sentences will have significant points deducted. Your paper will be graded based on its compliance with the requested format style and its general readability. A paper that is less than 10 pages will receive a full letter grade deduction for every page it is short of 10 pages. Also, page length is rounded down, not up. So 9/10 of a typewritten page is not 1 page, but 0 pages!
A full letter grade deduction will be taken from your papers for each of the following:
– Extra space between paragraphs
– Bold type (except for headings)
– Incorrect title page
– No staple
– No page numbers
– Page numbers in the wrong place
– Anything handwritten
-A title page with letters larger than 12 point
-Incorrect student id number
-No paragraph indentations

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