Allocate at least 3 hours in the field to support this field experience.
Observe in a birth-pre-K classroom setting. If possible, observe more than one classroom at your field experience site. During your observations, take note of family engagement strategies and volunteer opportunities that support the learning needs in the classroom environment.
Following your field experience, reflect on your observations and discussions with the classroom teachers. In 250-500 words, discuss three different classroom routines and activities observed or discussed during your field experience that would integrate families, the home, and the school environment.
1. How does each routine and activity integrate the students’ personal, family, and community experience and cultural norms?
2. How will you integrate these routines and activities into your future classroom to collaborate with families to build a positive and respectful learning environment?
Support your assignment with 3-5 scholarly resources that support the selected routines and activities.
Family Education-
Explore the Family Education website.
Parents as Teachers
Explore the Parents as Teachers website.
Head Start: Early Childhood Learning & Knowledge Center
Explore the “Family and Community” section under “Topics” on the Head Start: Early Childhood Learning & Knowledge Center website.
Family Support
Explore “Family Support” located on the NEA website.
You may use youtube to find videos on this topic but must add up to 3 hours. This is oberservation class. My teacher said that you may also just pretend that you observe the classrooms.

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