ALS 279 Final Project Reflection Prompt
Please read carefully and answer all parts of the prompt. Your reflection should be a word-doc or pdf, 1in margins, 12 point font, double spaced, 1000-1200 words, make sure it is edited for grammar and clarity.
Begin with a quote from one of the articles you used for your project proposal, reflect and connect the quote to your experience working on this project. Make a statement about the value you see in the work you did in making your remix project( i.e. I found working on my project “(title)” important because…). Then reflect on the final version of your project, what did you want your audience to gain from looking at your piece, why? Do you think you have accomplished this with your project, why? Then, reflect on the process of working on your project: what did you find to be most rewarding, important about this process? Would you recommend I keep this as a part of the class, why? What was the most challenging part? What could be changed or improved about the project assignment?
What is the biggest take away you got by completing this project? Would you recommend this class, why or why not? Lastly, consider the caliber of your work and the challenges you faced this semester, what grade do you think you earned and why?
Looking forward to reading your reflections.
Please ask me any questions you may have.

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