Analysis Outline for Complex Cases
You are doing a worksheet that we developed from this outline. For those of you who might want to use this outline for future practice, here it is in a different format.
A. What are the Critical Facts?
• Who are the key players in this case?
• From the perspective of each of the key players, what are the critical facts of this case?
• From the information presented, what do you consider the critical facts of the case?
Develop a concise and coherent statement that identifies the key players and their roles and summarizes the critical facts of the case. (Some of you will recognize this as a case conceptualization.)
• Please describe your rationale for the selection of critical facts (in other words, give and describe reasons for why you selected the critical facts that you did)
B. What do You See as the Underlying Themes and Issues?
• What are the major themes and issues that pertain to:
o the organizational context of the case
o individual, families and groups in the case
o the community context of the case
o other systemic levels that are relevant for understanding and critically analyzing the case
• Please describe your rationale for the selection of underlying themes and issues (in other words, give and describe reasons for why you selected the underlying themes and issues that you did)
C. What do You Believe are the Critical Problems/Challenges that Need to be Addressed?
• What are the critical problems/challenges in this case? Focus your thinking on what you would identify as the two or three top challenges/problems at each level: macro, mezzo and micro areas.
• Please describe your rationale for the selection of the problems/challenges (in other words, give and describe reasons for your selection/prioritization)
D.What are Potential Interventions/ Solutions for the Challenges Discussed Above?
• What are the potential interventions for one of the critical problems/challenges that have been identified at each level? Identify at least two interventions for each critical issue, and assess your possible interventions/solutions. (Be sure to think about scholarly literature, expert opinions, best practices, etc. and cite any sources you use) What are the pros? Cons? Potential risks? Barriers? Concerns or challenges in this approach that would have to be addressed for this intervention to be effective?
• Develop a plan of action based on your assessment of the problems at hand and the best, most justified interventions/solutions. Articulate your reasons for your choices and priorities.
• You would need to do this at the micro, mezzo, AND macro levels. Obviously, some of these would be more short term than others.
E. What Knowledge and Skills are Needed for Implementation of the Action Plan?
• Identify the specific skill and knowledge sets needed by a social worker workerto fulfill the plan of action. Be specific. You might it helpful to think about what skills would you need to look for in a social worker if you were hiring someone to implement your action plan? What knowledge?
• Please describe your rationale for knowledge & skills (in other words, give and describe reasons for why you selected the knowledge & skills that you did)
F. Summary and Connection to Diversity and Social Justice:
1. In this section clearly discuss the connection in this project to the following CSWE Competencies:
• Advanced generalist practitioners engage diversity and difference in practice
• Advanced generalist practitioners advance human rights and social, economic and environmental justice.
Kent school is committed to inclusion, diversity and anti-racist practice.
How does this assignment relate to these?
2. Discuss your learning in this assignment that will serve you as you move into your role as a professional social worker.
For the case study, you can choose either of the cases. There are softchalks available for additional information on the Halima case, but that isn’t required. You don’t even have to look at the softchalk but if you choose that story, you might find it helpful.

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