Analyze a thought-provoking theme or concept found in Augustown by Kei Miller, and look at it through a social or cultural lense. Use the novel as a springboard for developing this theme or concept, connecting it to ideas and situations you find in your research around the setting. Develop an argument/thesis. Be specific. Do not simply summarize or restate ideas covered in your sources, discussions, or anything found elsewhere. Rather, use a unique framework for developing your own argument.
Read these instructions carefully:
1. You will need to do research for this paper. We will discuss this several times during these weeks.
2. You will need to write an INTRODUCTION, which should include a THESIS.
3. In your body paragraphs, you will need to include one sentence (topic sentence) for each point in the body of your paper that explains what that point is about. THEN you will need to make sure that you include AT LEAST TWO QUOTES from your sources IN EACH POINT that you would use as evidence for your paper. You will also need to ANALYZE the quotes and points you make.
4. AFTER the body paragraphs, you need to include a CONCLUSION for your paper; a full paragraph conclusion.
5. FINALLY, you will need to include a WORKS CITED PAGE with all the sources you utilized.

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