Analyze chronologically “A Time to Break Silence” speech by Martin Luther King Jr. look for when he uses logos, pathos, or ethos (modes of persuasion) in his speech (each paragraph is not one lo)
(7-10 sentences)
(must have one sentence discussing what is logos, ethos, pathos) – 1 sentence
(must introduce the speaker) – 4 sentence
(must Introduce the speaker ex: where, when, why) – 3 sentence
(smoothing transition into the last sentence Thesis statement: tying together the speaker’s use of the rhetorical appeals in conveying his or her message) 1 sentence
3 Body Paragraphs (smooth transitioning)
(chronologically quoting the speech whenever martin Luther is using Aristotle’s “modes for persuasion”. Then describe how he trying to convey the message and what it means )
Martin states “(sentence from the speech)”. In his speech “A Time to Break Silence” he used (logos, ethos, or pathos) to convey (whatever the message is)
(keep doing this until the speech is done)
(5-6 sentences)
– restate thesis + summarize
– Leave a final impression
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