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Annotated Bibliography: Should Prostitution Be Decriminalized?

Bell, Shannon. Reading, Writing, and Rewriting the Prostitute Body. Indiana University

Press, 1994. Notice this is in proper MLA format. The Works Cited entry is listed first, followed by the summary. You must follow MLA 8th edition. Shannon Bell is a philosopher and an author with a Ph.D. in Political science. In this

book, Bell offers an overview of the processes that affect a person involved in sex

of the work from emotional, physical, and social levels. The author goes deep into the main history of prostitution from the ancient era and analyzes Plato’s works to more modern purpose

and any times and testimonials of the sex-workers. One of the biggest criticisms of this book is criticism.

not that the facts provided were incorrect but that some of the sex-workers did not

give permission to share their testimonies. Nevertheless, this extremely Statement

on validity

comprehensive work is an excellent source for me because it provides a great

of source

overview of the history of prostitution. and how it


Chancer, Lynn S. Reconcilable Differences : Confronting Beauty, Pornography, and the useful to the student. Future of Feminism. University of California Press, 1998.

Lynn S. Chancer is a reputable author with a Ph.D. in history and sociology. In this

of the book, the author explores sex work (whether prostitution or pornography) and the main possible conflicts of such work within the feministic ideology. The author’s main idea

and any is to differentiate between sex and sexism. She does not advocate for full and criticism. comprehensive legalization of sex work or a complete ban. Instead, Doctor Chancer calls for a compromise between the ideas of sexual freedoms and the opposing viewpoints. This work is beneficial to my research in the way that the issues discussed

Statement are current. With the rise of the overall feminist movement and its branches such as on validity the “metoo” movement, it is highly essential to consider these massive groups of of source

and how it people’s opinions in my work. This book is an excellent peer-reviewed source from a proves useful to the reputable author and expert in the field with decades of experience and student. comprehensive education credentials.

De Chesnay, Mary, PhD, RN, PMHCNS-BC, FAAN. Sex Trafficking : A Clinical Guide for

Nurses. Springer Publishing Company, 2013.

Mary De Chesnay is a Registered Nurse with a Ph.D. in nursing and years of

of the experience caring for the victims of sex-trafficking, sex-workers, and prostitutes. As main one can see in the title, this book is a guide for healthcare professionals, where doctor purpose and any De Chasnay addresses many issues that one may encounter while caring for a sex criticism. worker and the possible resolutions. The author focuses on treating different diseases, especially STDs, physiological therapies, techniques of reporting the crimes associated with this occupation, and overall methods of work with various demographics involved in prostitution and sex-trafficking. This book is an excellent

Statement primary source for my writing because it views health, policy, crime issues related to on validity of source prostitution from a healthcare professional viewpoint, my chosen field of study. Dr. and how it

De Chesnay tries not to support one or the other side of the prostitution debate

useful to the directly and forcefully. Instead, she paints a horrible picture of what could happen student.

(specifically the epidemic of sex-trafficking) in the absence of adequate policies to protect sex-workers. This book is an excellent peer-reviewed source from a reputable author and expert in the field with decades of experience and comprehensive education credentials.

Doll, Cyril. “Legal tricks: legalized prostitution is promoted as a women’s rights issue, but it simply legitimizes sexual abuse.” Western Standard, vol. 3, no. 21, 29 Jan. 2007, p.

19+. Gale In Context: Opposing Viewpoints,

74072b57. Accessed 1 Nov. 2020.

Cyril Doll is a professional writer with many years of experience in the field. In this of the main short article, the author presents the issue of sex work legalization in Canada and purpose

and any some testimonials from the sex-workers. The author argues that sex work’s criticism. decriminalization is detrimental to society and the prostitute’s mental and physical

Statement health. Doll states that sex-work is an instrument to degrade and control the workers on validity

of source and should never be legalized. This article is a good secondary source for my work and how it because it has testimonial and statistical evidence presented. The refutation of some of proves useful to the this evidence will help my argument to have more credibility. student.

Lehmiller, Justin J. The Psychology of Human Sexuality. Wiley-Blackwell, 2014.

Justin J. Lehmiller is a social psychologist with a Ph.D. and an educator that wrote

Summary many works relating to human sexual behavior. This particular work is a of the

main comprehensive guide to human sexuality, actions, and societal interactions. This book purpose

BUT it is is an excellent support source for my work because it provides a scientific insight into lean. It’s

not does social, economic, and evolutionary factors involved in the sex-work and the issues not give associated with it. This book is extensively peer-reviewed and used in many higher

the major points education institutions to teach students. she

might use.

Statement on validity of source and how it proves useful to the student.

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