Instructions for Part 1: In the table below, replace the sample material with a working title, topic description, and working thesis for your own research project.  Remember that a working thesis (like a working title) is tentative and may change considerably as you develop your paper.
Working Title: Achieving Diversity in the Houston Police Department
Topic Description: The Houston Police Department has improved its overall diversity in recent decades, but its upper ranks are still disproportionately white.  This white-dominated command structure is potentially harmful to the department and the city, but there is no easy solution.  My research paper will discuss this problem and propose a strategy for achieving diversity within the HPD command structure.
Working Thesis:  If HPD rewards officers for community-building efforts, minority officers will have a better chance to rise through the command structure.

Instructions for Part 2: In the tables below, replace the sample material with full APA citations and annotations for four sources, at least two of them academic.  Your annotations should each be 100-150 words and accomplish the following:
1) Identify the central argument of the source. If the source is primarily informational, its argument might be implied rather than explicitly stated.
2) Identify the main type of evidence used to support the argument.
3) Evaluate the quality of the argument by referencing types of reasoning (inductive, deductive, analogical), the use of concessions and qualifiers, and/or logical fallacies.
Do not plagiarize your annotations from article abstracts or from the source texts themselves.

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