Answer the following questions with 1-2 paragraph each, there are no citations and no formatting requirements, they will be pasted to another document with a plagarism checker, so please use your own words. Basis of some answers have been provided:
LIST three of the foundational perspectives of social work and indicate/explain the key element of each.
How many clients does every social work professional always have? Who are they?
Answer listed below, please elaborate on each:
self, client, agency, client’s network/system, client’s broader community, society
Describe the three levels of client systems.
Answer listed below, please elaborate on each:
micro, mezzo and macro
Provide an overview of the steps that make up the “generalist social work method/process.”
LIST the 6 core values of the social work profession.
Answer listed below, please elaborate on each:
Service, social justice, dignity and worth of a person, importance of human relationships, integrity, competence
Describe the class session(s) that best promoted your learning of the course material. What made these sessions most beneficial to the development of your professional identity?
Below is a framework to start this answer on, please elaborate on this thought.
The class sessions that best promoted my learning of the course material was the ones that involved role playing as the client, social worker, and supervisor using case studies. These sessions were extremely influential learning experiences. It is extremely easy to play situations out in my head of what may happen when working with a client, but when it is actually happening in real time, anxiety and self doubt can get in the way. (can talk about imposter syndrome here or anything else that may apply)
Indicate and provide an example of at least 3 social work skills and/or competencies that you developed or strengthened as part of your professional development through this course. (pick any 3 and make something up)

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