Each movie clip reflection will comprise 20 points toward your grade for a total of 100 points. You will watch five movie clips throughout the course and providing your reflection of the clip. You are required to relate your reflection to the course material for the given week that the assignment is scheduled for. Be sure to use specific details and relate to your textbook and/or external sources. If you don’t cite your book, I will deduct points.In addition, I will deduct points for grammar, spelling and tone violations. Treat the reflection as if it were a short paper, not a discussion point in which informality is encouraged.Then you will submit a 1-2 page reflection for each movie clip (APA Format: make sure you have a title page, abstract and citations). Please see the syllabus calendar for the weeks the movie clip reflections are due. Each reflection will be submitted to the Assignment Dropbox link within Canvas.The movie clip mentions the top 10 uses of Cinematography and film10. oblivion9. Lawrence of Arabia8. the night of the hunter7. sky fall (Roger deakins)6. taxi driver Michael chapman5. Life of Pi (Claudio Miranda)4. Citizen Kane Greg toland3. Apocalypse Now Vittoria. Storaro2. Inception (wally pfister)1. Road to perdition. Conrad Hallit won’t let me download the actual video it says its too large but that’s. all the video really mentions. its a 8 min clip.


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