Approaches to Relationships and Marriages & Parenting Education
Instructions: This week we will discuss relationships and marriages & parenting education. Please choose one of the questions below to discuss and indicate in your post which question you have chosen.
A. Preventative programs – are focused on strengths of couples. The programs are often structured, include experiential activities, have a cognitive focus, are time limited and are often economical. Some professionals further divide preventative programs into :
Primary – programs that focus on issues before difficulties occur
Secondary – program that focus on couples that may be at risk
If you were tasked with creating a primary program and a secondary program for couples, what would your programs entail. Share the following for each program:
Name of the program
Mission and Vision of the program
Intended Audience (Relationships or Marriage)
Share one major event or activity that you will place under this program.
Share 3 goals for the program.
In a brief paragraph to follow, discuss the rationale behind your creation of these programs (why this selection), and discuss the differences between the programs. Please use examples to clarify your positions.
B. Many societal changes and challenges have impacted the tough job of parenting. In this forum, you are tasked with developing a parenting course for a parenting education program. Keep in mind some of the pressures that impact parents in families today. Share a list of topics that you will be addressing and offer a rationale for why (Ex: Systems Theory, Development Theories, etc. ). Provide some resources that can be part of the course. You may include hotlines, links to videos, pamphlet url etc.
In response to the courses that were developed by your peers be certain to discuss the points that really jumped out at you. Be sure to support ANY opinions presented.

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