As you write the paper, it would be helpful to ask yourself if you are meeting the following objectives of the assignment. Your term paper may be said to meet or exceed the following expectations/objectives if the paper
1) demonstrates in-depth understanding of the topic (2 pts);
2) written clearly and coherently and that the paper has no grammatical or spelling errors (1 pt);
2) distinguishes between relevant, reliable, and credible literature and those that are not (2 pt);
3) engages in analytically rigorous discussions as well as qualitative and/or quantitative data analysis and synthesis (2 pts);
4) examines and critiques theoretical and/or empirical literature of the subject of research interest (2 pts);
5) seamlessly incorporates scholarly sources (citations) as integral parts of the paper (3 pts);
6) organized and presented professionally (2 pt); and 7) meets the page requirement (1 pt).
Research Paper Format
The minimum and maximum page limits and the minimum number of citations of the research paper depend on whether or not you are building on your oral presentation topic. If you wish to expand on your oral presentation topic, then the fourth hour justification research paper should be between eight (8) and ten (10) pages in length, double-spaced, typed in Times New Roman font face with an 11” or a 12’’ font size. Please note: Seven and 3⁄4 pages is not eight pages; and nine and 3⁄4 pages is not 10 pages. The minimum number of citations is fifteen (15) different, credible, and reliable sources.

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