Ch10 Collaboration


· You need a gmail account to complete this assignment.

· You can use your personal gmail account OR just create an account for this assignment.

· You can use classmates, friends, or family members to complete this assignment.


1. Form groups of 3 – 5 students, Friends, or family members in each group.

Go to:

2. You need to create a document using Google’s Docs /Google Drive) (and you become the owner of the document) and then you need to invite other members in the group to collaborate and give them the “can edit” role.

On the upper-left corner of the document in the name box replace the name untitled document with Ch10Collaboration

3. Invite the instructor ( as a “can edit” collaborator to the document.

4. On the top left corner of the document write the names of the m embers in the group.

5. The document must have the following 3 questions in a table format and landscape orientation:

Group members:




How many times you shopped online so far?

How many times you shop online per month?

What do you like about online shopping online?

What you dislike about online shopping online?

6. Each member in the group then opens the document and (a) must edit the document by typing at least one responses to each the questions directly in the given table space and (b) must provide a comment on another student’s answer.

7. Download your document as MS Word document (File Download As Word Document). A Word file will be downloaded to your computer.

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