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This coursework is an Individual Assignment. You should write 900 words essay on the following topic:
Essay Question
“Investment Appraisal Methods are valuable tools for corporate decision-making”. Based on peer-reviewed
sources, discuss two empirical studies that investigate the use of investment appraisal methods for
supporting investment decisions at the corporate level. Your discussion should cover the following points:
a) Explain the research question(s) that the studies are
aiming to answer;
b) For each study, describe the samples used and the methodology adopted to collect the data;
c) Describe and
draw comparisons between the results of the two studies. Based on these results, discuss
why corporate managers might more
often use some appraisal methods rather than others when
making investment choices. DATA SOURCES
You MUST only use secondary sources of data for this assignment (i.e. information that is already in the public domain
such as textbooks, newspaper articles,
journal articles, etc.). You should use a variety of appropriate external sources.
Criteria for Assessment and Learning Outcomes
Each answer will be assessed based on the following criteria
1. Content (and Learning Outcomes)
2. Knowledge and
understanding/application of theory
KH3108 Fundamentals of Accounting and Finance 2021/22
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3. Evidence of reading,
use of resources, and research
4. Accurate citations and referencing
5. Presentation, grammar, and spelling, and the table attached
below describes each criteria in detail

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