Assignment #2. Select A Special Topic – 75 points
For this assignment you will be able to research and
provide a critical analysis of the topic of your choice.
The topic should be an issue that is currently
impacting our society. Examples include but are not
limited to:
The opioid epidemic
The COVID pandemic
Child Abuse
Once you have selected your topic, you will be
required to research and prepare a 4-page paper
with the associated headings/highlighting the
following information:
A brief introduction of the topic that you selected
Relevant local statistics (S.C./U.S)
Why you selected this topic
Topic Assessment
Use current references to describe the dynamics
associated with this topic and the impact that it is
having on our society (Newspaper articles, journal
articles, etc.)
Critically analyze your thoughts around the long term
impact that this issue will have on individuals/society
Describe the message that the mainstream media
portrays relative to your topic
The Role of the Human Service Professional
Describe the role of the human service professional
Describe the barriers associated with resolving the
issue that you selected
Describe your personal recommendations
Final thoughts
This paper must be a minimum of four pages not
including the title or reference page. Students are
required to use APA formatting and include a
minimum of three references no older than 5 years
old. Students should ensure that they carefully proof
read their paper before submitting and include
citations for all relevant information.

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