Assignment # 4 — Reel in Environment and Academic Discourse
Human beings with their capacity for cognition and assessment would be regarded as stewards for the environment. What status should they provide to life around them to preserve and protect?
In general terms, material mastery and superior fire power have been portrayed in many films as a means to the goal of acquiring power and domination– however supreme domination is thwarted by those with an ethical construct who seek equity for the masses and attempt to assist them so they can attain the opportunity to flourish and enjoy life. Though perhaps quasi-fictional and futuristic in aspiration, the need to temper domination and greed with the necessity for maintaining and safe guarding the equity for those who are weak and have inadequate self- protection / preservation propensities (both people and animals) is urgent. Unless, the multitude of people and aspects of nature are assisted in being preserved and protected from encroachments to their habitats and survival resources, they would become disenfranchised as a community of people or become depleted and vanquished as living beings in nature such as trees, animals, and others.
Environmental preservation becomes a vital construct for the habitat preservation of all species. The farmers crops are jeopardized with increasingly warmer climates, the pollinating bees are failing the significant activity of crop pollination due to heavy use of adverse pesticides, the fish in the oceans are unable to flourish with rising temperatures and pollutants…. the consequences of environmental degradation is unlimited.
In the assignment the popular medium as provided by movies is associated with academic inquiry to provide the construct for a seamless connectivity between varied venues for information so varied segments of society may dwell on this matter and work together. The study of the environment and associated ethics should indeed remain a consistent concern for those associated with higher education institutions as well as for those of the the general people with limited formal education– all segments of society MUST be concerned about the consistent environmental degradation of our planet.
A. How is the environment projected / discussed on the silver screen? How do movies portray the salient issue of environmental degradation and the well being of our earth– our home amidst the stars?
–>Make a list of 6 movies that deal with this general topic of environmental denigration.
Select 2 for reflection and comment.
2 pages (1 page for each movie)
Would you recommend your selected movies for information and to prompt enhanced understanding of the serious consequences if the environmental tribulations are left uncorrected? In your review provide your reasons. The salient themes in the movies you select should preferably echo the ethical and moral necessity to maintain the environmental well being of the denizens of terrains that are appropriated in the name of building development and progress.
B. What ethical views about the preservation of nature and protecting the weak creatures are provided in the films titled: Ender’s Game, Avatar-The Last Airbender, and Thor: Ragnarok? Select 2 of the above three movies. Connect these movies to chapter 29, p. 294– “Should Trees Have Standing? Towards legal rights for Natural Objects,” Christopher D. Stone.
Link for online PDF for “Should Trees Have Standing”
1 page (1/2 page per movie).
What would you consider necessary to protect and preserve the environment at a global level? Would personalized affiliation with nature encourage ethical usage of natural resources and treatment of living creatures? Review– select 2 or 3 interesting ideas and comment. Provide page numbers of selected citations/ quotes (at least 2 per essay).
Chapter 5, section 20, p. 202: Reverence for Life as a Viable Environmental Virtue, Jason Kawall.
Online PDF:
Chapter 6, section 22, p. 222: Ecosophy T: Deep versus shallow Ecology, Arne Naess.
Online PDF:,%20Shallow-Deep.pdf
2 pages (1 page per section)
Cover page required for the entire Assignment # 4. The cover page should have concept image and suitable quotation.

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