For communication concepts, search Communication and Mass Media Complete (CMMC) in EBSCOhost.

1. Select a communication topic that interests you. Note: If it is not about messages, it is

not a communication study. [CH1]

2. Use the Communication & Mass Media Complete database to locate current research

about the topic. Think about key terms that are needed. [CH 4]

3. Identify FIVE academic journal-published or academic book-published studies that are

most helpful to you in understanding the topic.

4. Review those five studies and record the citation information.

5. Pose a new RQ about the topic or pose a new H about the topic [RQ/H/Purpose]

6. Develop a research-methods plan to address the RQ or test the H:

a. From whom will you collect data (Sample)? [CH12]

b. How will their rights be protected? [IRB CH3]

c. What method will you use to collect data (Data Collection)? [CH9, 10, 11,

Appendix A]

d. How will you analyze your data (Data Analysis)? [CH15, 16, 17, 18, 19]

7. Write up your proposal in an APA paper not longer than 7 pages:

a. Title page

b. 1-page APA Heading: Introduction

c. 2-pages APA Heading: Abbreviated Literature Review

d. 1-page APA Heading: Research Questions/Hypotheses/Purposes

e. 3-pages APA Heading: Methods

 APA Sub-headings: Sample, Data Collection, Data Analysis.

f. References


1. APA-formatting accurate

2. APA-citations correctly written

3. Clear introduction to the topic [1-page]

4. Clear and concise summary of five studies [2-pages]

5. RQ or H or Purpose is clear and researchable [1-page]

6. Sample (inclusive, appropriate to topic, follows guidelines, IRB regs considered)

7. Data collection is clear and follows guidelines

8. Data analysis is clear and follows guidelines

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