Learning Objective(s)Design and administer a classroom-based assessment tool that is aligned with lesson goals.Assignment Descriiption and StepsYou will be designing an assessment (formative, summative or dynamic) based on the analysis you’ve conducted in your “Assessment Collection and Analysis” assignment. When you do this, use the template located in the Google drive folder (toolbox). You should focus on:Assessing multiple macro (e.g. extensive) and micro (e.g. intensive) skills of listening, speaking, reading or writing. You could also integrate more than one skill area in your assessmentFulfilling the objective and purpose of the assessment (i.e. what skill and/or knowledge are you trying to assess? Do they align with the assessment instruments?)Using clear language, minimizing bias, misrepresentation, error, and culturally irrelevant verbiage or example. As you see fit, find a way to differentiate assessments for students with diverse needsMeeting Brown’s five principles of assessment – practicality, authenticity, validity, reliability, washbackDo include a rubric or grading criterion for rater(s) such as rubric, answer key, sample work, etc. If you’re using any part of an existing source, be sure to cite it and include a reference page.


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