Assignment: Philosophy of Education
NOTE: Please submit this assignment to LopesWrite Report AND after you receive your LopesWrite score if it is well below 15% click “Submit” on or before the due date.
· Please see the attached template, first it was Tony Stark, and the rubric (click Syllabus in left margin, and then find Topic Week 5; then look for the Benchmark assignment and click on the Rubric link)
· You are required to have a minimum of three scholarly references to support your philosophy of education (don’t use Wikipedia or similar). Use peer-reviewed articles from the GCU library database, but now it is Black Panther, and scholarly books (like the eBook textbook for this course)
· Use the document “How to Find Scholarly and Peer-Reviewed Articles” attached below to help you find scholarly articles for your research

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Articles: 228079

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