Assistive Technology Application Assignment Instructions
building your Technology Implementation Plan (TIP), you were tasked with considering
the needs of all learners. For this
assignment, briefly summarize the goal of your TIP and the projected intended
outcome. Then demonstrate specific
applications of assistive technology from your TIP project. You can create a chart, if you would like,
that depicts how your technology aligns with the needs of all learners. If you choose to incorporate a chart, you
must also include a written narrative explaining the chart. Provide a minimum of two examples of how your
project meets the needs of all learners – regardless of giftedness, physical
capability, or background. Use outside
sources to support your work. The paper
will need to be 2-3 pages and in APA format.
Please use a minimum of two sources.
approaches to help you summarize your universal application may include the
(1) Select
2-3 specific examples from your project to serve as explanation of the
universal application of your TIP.
(2) Incorporate
biblical support for your responsibility to meet the needs of all learners.
(3) Account for the
training each professional will receive to ensure the TIP is implemented
according to plan.

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