Attach a draft of your creative text. Please type a 2-3 sentence description of the topic of your text, your specific audience, and the specific stance you are taking and then attach your creative text (as a Word Doc, PDF, URL, jpeg, etc).
Follow the Steps:
For this assignment, you should first read the following handout about reflective writing. Then answer the questions below.
Look at the guiding questions for composing the Writer’s Statement, which can be found on the Final Draft of the Writer’s Statement Assignment Page. How does this handout help you understand the Writer’s Statement better?
Look back at the reflection assignment you did in Unit 1, Mod. 1 | Reflective Writing and the Revision Process. Reflect on your learning experience from Project 2: Annotated Bibliography Prezi to Project 3: Web Article, and then Project 4 Genre Shift. How does your understanding and knowledge about the rhetorical situation, genre awareness, and research process change in the course? and What do you understand better (or differently) now?
Look at these example artists’ statements. (Links to an external site.) These are examples of artists’ statements; they are similar to the writer’s statements, which you will write. Pick one to discuss:
Identify the one you chose.
What reflective elements do you see in this artist’s statement? What kind of things do they discuss that are reflective in nature? The reflection handout might help you answer this question.
What similarities do you see between the kinds of things the artist statement addresses and the kinds of things you are asked to address in the Writer’s Statement guiding questions?
In what way does the artist address their previous work or previous experiences in their statement?
An artist statement is a specific genre. You are being asked to write a “writer’s statement, which is a little different. Looking over the guiding questions again, in what ways will your Writer’s Statement be different from this artist’s statement that you just analyzed?

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