Attachment Theory
Do childhood attachment patterns influence behaviors in adulthood? Explore childhood attachment and its effects on adult behavior, potentially including romantic relationships and effects on parenting.
Read the module and, if needed, Internet descriptions of attachment styles so that you have a good understanding of them. Your paper should both address what researchers know about attachment styles in childhood and what researchers know about how attachment carries over into adulthood.
Your research must include at least two journal articles or books. Websites can be very helpful and informative, but your final paper must include full, published research articles or books on the topic. Sources should be reputable and consistent with what you learned in the module as well as other sources. GoogleScholar and PDF articles from the Internet can be helpful resources. Make sure you use good search terms when trying to find articles. You may want to start broad (for example, “bystander effect”), and then narrow to your particular area. This paper requirement means that you need to include at least two primary sources in your paper; articles from the Internet can be included, but they would be in addition to the two minimum primary sources. Primary sources are firsthand accounts; thus, they involve the author writing about his or her own work.
As a general rule of thumb, at least 1.5 pages should focus on childhood attachment styles and patterns of behavior and at least 1.5 pages should focus on adulthood attachment. Finally, conclude the paper by analyzing whether childhood attachment is helpful to understanding adults. The paper should follow the following format:
Introduction. Introduce your topic and different attachment styles
Description of attachment styles in childhood — what leads to their development? What are typical behaviors?
Description of how attachment carries over into adulthood — are there direct connections? Or does childhood attachment not lead to predictable adult behavior patterns?
Evaluation: How well does attachment theory help us understand adult behavior?

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