Our first research assignment prompted us to simply inform our readers about a topic. In this second research essay, you’ll take a position on that topic and construct an argument.
There are many different forms of arguments and you’ll likely practice a specific type of argumentation in your discipline (major). So, for this assignment, let’s use the most general/basic form: the deductive argument.
A deductive argument is an argument in which the conclusion follows directly from the claim and evidence.
We’ve been writing academic essays all semester long in this class, so we’ve already used a loose version of this argument format (intro, body/evidence, conclusion).
The only thing you really have to emphasize in this argument essay is your conclusion. You’ll present a position in your introduction, provide evidence from research in your body paragraphs, and present a conclusion that comes directly from your evidence.
After identifying a topic of your choice (preferably the same topic as our first research essay), write a deductive argumentative research essay in which you do the following:
Take a position on the topic (this should happen in your intro/thesis)
Present evidence (from research) that help support your position (this will happen in your body paragraphs),
Draw a conclusion from the evidence presented that proves your position
In order to offer a tight deductive research argument, this essay should be about 3 pages long. You can write more if you’d like – but I think a brief intro, 4-5 solid body paragraphs, and a thoughtful conclusion should do the trick.
Please be sure to use at least 5 outside sources for this essay (I recommend at least one per body paragraph) – and also be sure to include a works cited/reference page. These sources can be some of the sources you used in your previous essay or new sources you visited.
Finally, I recommend typing your paper in a word processor (preferably Google Docs), then copying and pasting into this discussion board.

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