Before completing this assignment, read Chapter 6 so that you can reflect on and define the concept of attitudes. After reading, complete the following:
Spend one day observing your attitude (mood, feelings, and behavior) or the attitude of a close friend or a family member. Make note as to how often your
attitude or their attitude changes, or if it remains stable throughout the day.
Create a presentation with a voiceover for your final product after completing this activity. Your presentation should be 4-6 minutes long. Address the following
in your presentation:
Give an overall reflection on how your attitude or the attitude of the person you observed changed or remained stable throughout the day.
What are your hypotheses regarding why the attitude does or does not change? Use the textbook and additional resources to support your claim.
Explain the functions that an attitude serves.
Discuss what Scripture says in reference to attitude.
Please include a Resources” slide at the end of your presentation with all of the resources used to create your presentation, with citations in proper APA
format. This may only include your textbook or you may choose to use additional outside resources.
Record your presentation with voice narration and a webcam overlay using screencasting software of your choice- Screencast-o-matic is a good, free
option. Tips for how to screencast a presentation with voiceover using the Screencast-o-matic software are available in the Technology Quick Guides located
on the course Dashboard towards the bottom of the page (see the Screencast-o-matic Quick Guide). Plan and practice your presentation before recording.

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