Behavior Modification Project: Baseline Phase Report Assignment Instructions
To assess your baseline as you begin the experiment, you need to observe your target behavior before you ever treat it. Thus, you will conduct a functional analysis of your target behavior as it naturally occurs. The baseline observation of your target behavior should be done for at least one week. You will submit the 1–2-page Behavior Modification Project: Baseline Phase Report Assignment, which will consist of a description of the following five parts with Level One headings, and a graph appropriately labeled (see chapter 3 of your textbook). This writing of the reports for Behavior Modification should be clear, measurable, and concise. Write in complete sentences, but do not use “fluff”.
1. Target Behavior: A clear and measurable behavioral definition of your target behavior (use examples if needed to clarify) should be stated. [Description]
2. Observation Period: Show the dates (and times if relevant) of your baseline phase. [Description and on the x axis of the graph]
3. Experiment Narrative: Clarify the logistics, setting, and process of your experiment’s baseline observation phase (natural or analogue setting, structured or unstructured observation, recording method and instrument, etc.). [Description]
4. Dimension(s): The logical dimension(s) – Frequency – Intensity – Duration – Latency – that were observed and recorded during the baseline are clearly and consistently stated and shown. [Description and on the y axis of the graph]
5. Target Behavior Observations: Clearly and completely, but concisely, summarize your observations of the target behavior during the baseline phase. Descriptions should be made of triggers (settings/stress/work/conflict) that bring on the target behavior, and stimuli that help it. [Description]
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