Blog about the complexity of being a Mexican american. Not being born in Mexico but not being totally accepted by white America
at least 2 sociology scholarly peer-reviewed journals ( usa sources) and one
other source. Your post will include in-text citations from at least 4 sources in
total. You are welcome to cite from as many credible sources as you would like
but the minimum is 4 (2 sociology journals, 1 theory source ( i will do this ), and 1 other source
(can be Social Inequality text if you would like).
b. As stated above you will need to research at least 2 or more peer-reviewed
scholarly sociology journal articles that are related to your topic for each blog
entry. Use the library search link on our class site to research the articles.
Review the list of Sociology scholarly journals. You will cite at least 4 in-text
citations from your two scholarly journals, in APA format, in your post. You
should have at least 2 in-text citations from each journal, in APA format. The
sociology scholarly journals should then be listed on your Reference page, in APA
c. You will research and cite from 2 other credible sources. One of these sources
will be your theory source and one other source. For your other 2 sources you
may use additional scholarly journals, books, the Social Inequality textbook,
module content, credible websites, credible news sources, etc. (Other scholarly
journals (political science, communication, etc. You will cite at least 3 in-text
citations from these two sources, at least 1 in-text citation from each source, in
APA format (one source will be two in-text citations). Your two additional
sources should then be listed on your Reference Page in APA format. You must
have at least 1 in-text citation from your theory source.
a. Create an outline to help you organize what you will include in your blog entry.
Remember to include an introduction, the body and a conclusion. Your blog
should incorporate your own opinions about the topic, at least 4 in-text citations
from your 2 scholarly journal articles to support your discussion of the topic, at
least 3 in-text citations from your other 2 sources (at least one of those 3 in-text
citations must be a theory source).
7. Write your blog entry.
a. Your blog entry should include an introduction and a hook to capture the
attention of the reader. Your post should be organized and include a body of
paragraphs, highlighting your opinion about a social inequality topic from a
sociological perspective, illustrated with real life examples, and supported by
your research, at least 7 in-text citations in APA format from your 2 scholarly
sociology journals and 2 other credible sources. You should also explain your
topic from a sociological theoretical perspective (see theory paragraph above).
You should have at least 1 in-text citation for your theory section.
b. Your blog post should end with a conclusion, wrapping up the main points.
c. All citations must
be in APA format and you will need to include a reference list at the end of your
blog article.
2 scholarly sources : please use

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