Book Review: Read a book related to your field of practice. A list of possibilities is provided in the announcements; however, with the instructor’s permission, other appropriate books may be utilized. Note: This should not be an autobiography, fiction or self-help book. It should be a scholarly work. Write a review which includes the following:
• Summarize the book. (Be brief but thorough.)
• What is the author’s point of view or philosophy? Is this person conservative, liberal or radical? Does this person take the residual approach, the institutional approach or the developmental approach? What evidence do you have that supports your answers to these questions?
• Does the author have a clear thesis? (The thesis is a short statement that summarizes the main point or claim of the book and is developed, supported, and explained in the text by means of examples and evidence.) Note: If the book does not have a thesis, it is probably not a scholarly work.
• If so, what is the thesis and what support does the author have for that thesis? This could be research the author did or it could be research of the literature. It could also be what is called anecdotal evidence (the author’s observation over time).
• Is the support adequate? Why or why not? (For example, if the author studied 25 people in one town over 6 months, that is not enough support. If s/he studied thousands of people over 5 years in various settings, that would be adequate.)
• In what way(s) did this book relate to your field of practice?
• Give a personal reaction to the book—did you agree or disagree? What did you like/dislike?

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