Breakthrough News on Health Disparities
Based on your review of the data in the last activity, you might have figured out that health disparities are “preventable differences in the burden of disease, injury, violence, or opportunities to achieve optimal health that are experienced by socially disadvantaged populations.” (CDC) In 2002, the U.S. Institute of Medicine (now the National Academy of Medicine) published what was – at the time – a breakthrough and somewhat controversial report on the source of health disparities. The report was lengthy and extensively researched.Click the image below (or here Download or here ) to review a brief summary of the report specifically written for current or future health providers, then scroll down for a writing prompt.IOM Summary Front PageWriting Prompt
Share a few sentences here with your reaction to what you read. You might consider…What was most interesting to you in the report?
What do the authors propose as a major factor in causing health disparities? Why might that finding have been controversial?
What questions come up for you as a result of reading this report?

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