Watch the ballroom dance film Burn the Floor, then construct a thorough performance review analysis, following the guidelines below, for each dance number included. Here is the link for this film.

Identifying Information 

Dance Company/Group, names of dancers, number of dancers in each piece. 

Dance pieces: a) identify the title of each and b) the dance form and style. 

Music: a) identify the title and composer, group, musicians, style of music, and then describe the music (sounds, rhythms, instruments, silence, etc) 

Movement Elements (Observation)

Did the piece have a clear Beginning, Middle, and End? Clearly describe in your own words. 

Describe the movement/choreography (movements, sequences, phrases, sections) in technical terms:
SPACE (low/middle/high)  WEIGHT (lightness/strength)  TIME (sustained/quick)
FLOW (bound/free) DIRECTION (direct/indirect) PLANE (horizontal/vertical/sagittal) 

Content & Intent (Objective) 

What is this piece about? (i.e., concept, storyline, emotion, memory, statement, reaction, social issue, political issue, etc) 

What was the dancer/choreographers intent (trying to say or expressing)? 

Describe costuming, lighting, use of props, scenery, and anything used to set the piece. 

Interpretation (Subjective) 

What do you think the piece was about? 

What do you think the choreographer/dancer was saying or expressing? 

Construct a performance review analysis for each of the performances included in the ballroom dance film Burn the Floor. 

Provide abstract/metaphorical descriptions, with images and words that come to mind about this piece. How did it make you feel? What did it make you think of? 

What did you get out of this performance? Was there a part that spoke to you on a personal level? 

Performance Review 

Did the choreographer/dancer/piece accomplish what they/it set out to do? 

Rate 1-5: How creative was the piece/performance? ____ 

Rate 1-5: How technically proficient was it? ____ 

Would you recommend this performance to others? Why or why not?

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