By this point, you should know what you are going to write about for the final paper. Now, you need to gather your sources that will help back up your argument in the final paper. You are going to find five sources for this assignment. For these five sources, you will need to provide a reference and a short paragraph of at least 100 words that summarizes and analyzes the source. Each annotation should be no longer than 150 words. An annotated bibliography helps you keep track of your sources and how you plan to use them for a large project. The majority of this assignment will rely on your reading and comprehension of the sources you choose for your paper. Your annotation should use paraphrased information. Do not copy and paste wording from the original source.
An Annotated Bibliography is not an essay. It should include a summary, a discussion of the credibility of the author or authors, and a discussion of how you intend to use the source in your final paper. This is a portion of a larger annotation.
Brien, F., Simons-Morton, B., Chaurasia, A., Luk, J., Haynie, D., & Liu, D. (2018). Post-high school changes in tobacco and cannabis use in the United States. Substance Use & Misuse, 53(1), 26–35. (Links to an external site.)
The researchers use data from the NEXT Generation Health Study (NEXT) to examine how different social and environmental factors impact the use of tobacco and cannabis by recent high school graduates. Based on longitudinal analysis, the study finds that tobacco and cannabis use is strongly associated with previous use. The researchers also found that college students are less likely to use tobacco when compared to non- students. The researchers suggest that anti-smoking campaigns and university policies reduce cigarette use by college students.
APA formatting
cover page
no abstract required
Times New Roman, 12 pt font
at least 100 words and a citation per source
at least 5 sources
subject to late work policy
no plagiarism

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