Cancer is defined as the uncontrolled growth and spread of abnormal cells, resulting in tumors that can be either benign or malignant (Linton, 2016). Patients and their families are often stressed, sad, and anxious because they fear the unknown. Thus, it is our responsibility as nurses to provide education on prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer.
For this week’s discussion we will look closely at our individually assigned topics and write a response according to the posted rubric that is attached to your course syllabus.
Please include each of the following components for full credit:
-Reflect on your assigned topic, select a specific type of community for educational outreach, and present the most important information that should be incorporated onto a flyer for these patients. The material should be written in simple terms so that your patient can understand. Be specific.
-For each response post you should comment on the provided details, elaborate on your classmates findings, offer additional information, provide a summary of an article with new research, and/or discuss alternative nursing care that may be beneficial.
-A minimum of 400 words for your main post, and 200 words for each response post on two different classmates main posts.
-At least 2 APA references in proper format for all three responses including the main discussion post and both response posts.
-Clearly and concisely written professional language with full sentences, and no grammatical or spelling errors.
-Maintain professional and respectful communication with fellow classmates.
-Please respond to a classmate that has been assigned a topic different than yours.
Main discussion posts are due no later than Friday and response posts are due no later than Sunday.
This is an individual assignment which each of you must complete independently.
Please see your name below for assigned topic:
Important diagnostic testing (including radiographs, MRI, CT scan, PET scan, radionuclide bone scan, endoscopic procedures)
Diagnostic tests for underserved women including mammogram and Pap smear screenings

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