This sixth week is reserved for discussion about Mini Case Study 4. If you have a question about the instructions for the case study, please post it here so everyone will have the same information.

Review all the assigned reading material, take the retention quiz, review the assignments instructions with the video, and understand the grading rubric, before you begin the assignment.

This week, the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Operating Officer ask your advice about a change they want to implement to reduce the work week of the employees, change the schedules, plus hire new employees in order to accommodate a 24/7 call center operation. Not only will be current employees compensation be reduced due to working fewer hours but they are also asked to train the new employees. 

You are asked to provide the following:

1.  A plan for what Human Resources can do to help prepare for this change.

After reviewing the chart below and listening carefully to the concerns of the CEO and COO, draw from the literature provided on what needs to be included in your plans for change.

For example, from the literature provided on change management, we know that “People are the ones who implement change in organizations, even if the change is largely technical. The ADKAR model is designed to mitigate the fact that organizations often ignore the individuals involved in making change a success. For a change to be successful, it’s important that all individuals involved understand the need for the change and how to implement it. Each letter of ADKAR represents one of five milestones that an individual involved in a change process must meet: awareness, desire, knowledge, ability, and reinforcement.”

The other literature provided is also relevant to your plan. Be sure to review the information about the reasons why individuals resist change. There are many reasons.

2.  A summary of what we know about change readiness among the employees.

For this you will review the chart that follows below). Most likely you will find it helpful to covert the numerals to percentages to see what percentage of the employees are ready for the change. See if the literature you were given this week provides any guidance on what percentage of positive opinions about change or impressions on personal impact current exists and where it does not.

3.  Suggest 1. at least three Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for tracking and 2.  corresponding metrics for each KPI.

First understand what we mean by the term Key Performance Indicators (the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the Chief Operating Officer (COO) provided some important to him) but you may have some that you feel as the HR professional is also important. Also, understand that for each KPI, you will need to collect and tract data this is what we mean by a metric. Determine what metrics you suggest should be identified that will measure each KPI. Recall that metrics pre and post the implementation of the suggested changes is suggested in the conversation.

You may want to research how to collect metrics around KPIs in order to make informed suggestions. As always, be sure to review all the course material for the week and take the self-assessment in addition to reviewing the mini case study assignment.

Following are the results of the recent survey on change readiness:

Employee Impression of the Change and its Personal Impact



The change will help me progress in my career.



The change will improve my salary and/or benefits.



The change will not affect my hours or schedule.



The change will not hurt my job stability.



The change will benefit my health.



The change will make my work environment more enjoyable.



Employee Impression of Change Readiness at ParlaTech



ParlaTech has a good track record for implementing change successfully.



ParlaTech takes care of employees who experience negative effects from organizational changes.



ParlaTech rewards employees who innovate and support change.



My colleagues are receptive to change.



My management team is receptive to feedback during change efforts.




Creasey, T. (n.d.). When should you use a change management readiness assessment?


Academic title page
Reference list of course material or other sources used in support of information
In-text citations for any sources quoted or used as support of the information
Separate segments with topic headings for the:
Introduction/Purpose of the Paper
Body of the Report
The Body of the Report (item 2 above) for this assignment includes the following:

  Analysis of the survey results and summary of your findings
  Recommendations for a plan for change based on a change model
  Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and how you will track each through metrics (share at least one metric per KPI)
You may need to research how to collect metrics around KPIs in order to make informed suggestions. As always, be sure to review all the course material for the week and take the self-assessment in addition to reviewing the mini case study assignment.


The case study reports are expected to be written in 12-point font, double spaced, APA format for in-text citations and references with topic headings for organization. There are no minimum or maximum lengths required of the case study reports, but generally are expected to be brief. 2 – 3 pages excluding the title page and reference page should be ample to demonstrate your knowledge but may be shorter or longer.

Week 7 Discussion 4/27 – 5/3/22

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